Street cleaning plans as a text message to a cell phone

The SMS service will indicate the streets from which cars should be moved out of the way of cleaning. The message will be received the previous day at 4 pm. It is possible to obtain the information by street or by postal code area.

The removal of the car will be announced on the street with transfer warning signs, which will be installed no later than 48 hours in advance. The call sign on the street is always legal.

Messages received by the service are free of charge. Only messages sent in connection with registering for and leaving the service pay the normal SMS price for service numbers, 16 cents/message.

Registration for the service

Text messages to 16130 and enter the postcode areas and/or street names for which you want information about the cleaning destinations, separated by spaces. If necessary, check the spelling of street names.

For example, if you want cleaning information for the entire Lauttasaari and Museokatu and Töölönkatu, send the following text message:

messages 00200 00210 Museokatu Töölönkatu

If you only want cleaning information for Museokatu and Töölönkatu, send the following text message:

messages Museokatu Töölönkatu

To end the service, send the following text message to 16130:

messages close

In case of problems, send an e-mail to

Additional information: Urban Environment Customer Service, tel. (09) 310 22 111